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Tufts SEDS

Representing the youth's passion for space exploration and the future of humanity in the cosmos, we aspire to cultivate within our members:

Curiosity and the desire to explore and understand the world around us as they provide us with an opportunity to push the boundaries of what we know and discover new things.

Our capacity for innovation and creativity. This allows us to develop new technologies, materials, and approaches to problem-solving to combat challenges that come our way.

The desire to work together and collaborate thus demonstrating our ability to overcome political, cultural, and linguistic barriers and collaborate towards a shared vision.

Tufts SEDS, a 501(c) nonprofit organization, is affiliated with SEDS-USA, a national organization that empowers young people to participate in the space industry and promote space exploration.

Our chapter strives to foster a welcoming community of aerospace learners and engineers while facilitating an environment that helps students to develop technical, project-based skills through engagement in hands-on projects, engineering competitions, and outreach activities.