About Us

Tufts SEDS Rocketry is a student-led organization dedicated to designing, building, and launching high-power rockets! Our diverse, experienced, and highly-motivated team comprises students studying everything from mechanical and electrical engineering to physics, computer science, chemistry, and even English. We are all passionate about space, excited to tackle the challenges of rocketry, and committed to developing a supportive aerospace community at Tufts.

With our flagship team rocket program, we seek to apply our rocketry expertise at the highest possible level. This year, we are designing our team rocket for the prestigious Spaceport America Cup competition. We have developed a strong, cohesive team, supported by mentors in industry and academia, with the ultimate goal of long-term project sustainability and continuous technical improvement.

In our individual rocket program, members work towards personal NAR Level 1 and 2 certifications, or work on personal project rockets. This provides an excellent starting point for students interested in rocketry, and helps members learn many of the skills applicable to the larger and more complex team rocket.

Team Statistics

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