Become a Sponsor

At Tufts Rocketry, our passion for innovation and dedication to learning continuously pushes us to maximize our potential. Since being essentially re-started in 2021, Tufts Rocketry has grown rapidly into a strong, dedicated, and capable team of over 40 members. This year, we have expanded our scope even further with our flagship Team Rocket Project--a powerful and capable rocket designed for the Spaceport America Cup.

To make our goals a reality, we need your support! Materials, resources, equipment, and mentorship will be invaluable to us as we power Tufts Rocketry into uncharted territory, and we will all be incredibly grateful.

The formation this year of our new sponsorship program shows just how far the Team has come. We are looking to build active and mutually beneficial relationships with our sponsors, and we offer access to some of the most innovative and resourceful minds at Tufts. If you believe our interests align, please see the sponsorship package below for more details, and don't hesitate to contact us!