Donate to Tufts SEDS Rocketry

At Tufts Rocketry, we hope to help current students and future engineers reach for the stars, compete on an international stage alongside the world's top engineering institutions, and create a welcoming aerospace community at a school with no aerospace program whatsoever.

As such, your generosity will enable us to acquire materials and equipment for projects that have a transformative impact on students' educational experiences. You will also be helping to lower travel costs for launches and competitions, further reducing barriers to entry and making the field more accessible to all. Finally, you'll help us share our knowledge and passion for rocketry and aerospace with the local community and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

As we strive to make a positive impact during our time at Tufts, your kindness will have a real, tangible effect on our community. The entire Tufts Rocketry team expresses profound gratitude to all those who make our mission possible—thank you for helping us to keep on climbing!

How to Donate


How to donate via check
Write a check payable to: "Trustees of Tufts College"

Under the memo line, write "Donation: Tufts SEDS Rocketry"

Send the check to the M.E. department administrator: "Courtney Russo, Mechanical Engineering 200 College Ave Medford, MA 02155 United States"

The mechanical engineering department will forward the check to advancement, after which the donation will be processed and reserved for the project.

Give Online

How to donate via Tufts's online portal
The following outlines a "giving" via a secure payment form that accepts credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo.
Visit the following website:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Make a Gift"
On the form, select "Arts, Sciences & Engineering", then "Other"
You will be asked to specify. Type in "Mechanical Engineering: Tufts SEDS Rocketry"

Any funding with the words above specified will be processed and allocated to our project. Congrats, you have successfully donated to our rocket team!

The mechanical engineering department will directly receive the payment, after which the donation will be processed and reserved for the project.