The CubeSAT-Adorned Rocketry Masterpiece, or CARM, is a 6" diameter fiberglass rocket designed for the Spaceport America Cup 10k COTS category. The robust development program, which includes three flight tests, aims to further demonstrate Tufts Rocketry's competency at building complex, capable projects. CARM's end goal is to carry a prototype CubeSAT (built by the CubeSAT project team) to 10,000 feet in altitude.


The "Dual-deploy Electronically-controlled Wickedly Intimidating Cloud Kicker," a.k.a. DEWICK, was designed to reach 10,000+ ft altitude and speeds of over 1000 mph (Mach 1.3). This project aimed to push the boundaries of our rocketry, design, and engineering knowledge, strengthen our team's operations, and prepare us for future high-altitude exploits.


Space Bo I

This vehicle was powered by a commercial I-class solid rocket motor. The rocket served not only as a qualification vehicle for team members to become licensed high powered rocket users, but as an introduction to basic aerospace engineering principles for the inexperienced members of the team.